It Was Handed to Me

My butt has been kicked (or handed to me….however you like to put it), and now I’m on the mend. Maybe I crossed some ’50s greasers, who marched toward me singing and rhythmically snapping their fingers, or maybe the beginning of the school year got the best of me. Sadly, it was the second scenario.

I begin each year with a bundle of energy, with a list of “I’m gonna do’s”, and rush into the first few weeks with reckless abandon. Then all the paperwork hits, and I have to catch up after hours because I like to spend my time in the classroom with my students. It’s amazing how much of a joy-kill paperwork is.

Teach Om seemed like a great name for this blog because I saw this coming. I’ve read blogs like Zen Habits, Lifehacker, and Marc and Angel Hack Life in the past, and appreciated their keep-it-simple approach. Time savers and motivators come in handy. I know I have a tendency to make things more complex than they need to be, and I know that I get restless, so I take on more and more responsibilities because I like learning (like my online course, committees, and eMINTS training). Now I can reflect and hold myself accountable.

Today the rain kept us in the house. We slowed down. We gave our son and daughter their own rooms and ditched the playroom concept, and spent the rest of the day building windcaves and entertaining our favorite imaginary friends during a picnic in our living room.

Lesson learned: Don’t get so caught up in being a perfectionist at work that I miss out on my kids growing up.



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